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With self-locking frame, independent shell and patented design, it takes only 5 minutes to complete assembling the whiteboard

Flexible allocation and highly-modularized components

With common components, the material preparation is quite convenient

DIY modular design
Custom-made in size and flexible in material preparation
With common components, the assembling and disassembling are convenient and the upgrade is quite simple
Low warehousing and transport fees

Inherit the excellent performance of optical modules

Less than 8-millisecond response
Fine and smooth writing experience

Easy for maintenance and upgrade

All parts common for 2 points and 10 points product

Simple in production and no special skills requirements on workers
Software assistance makes the troubleshooting easy and simple
With modularized design, there is no need to disassemble the entire whiteboard during maintenance and replacement of components

Nearly 10 years of expertise in optical technologies

About 800,000 sets of products have been sold across the globe, with the reject ratio of less than two thousandths
Tested under various kinds of environment, with high reliability and stability
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